When Is Plastic Surgery Absolutely Necessary?


The confusion between receiving plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons and undergoing plastic surgery in order to save or enhance the quality of your life has led many people to swear off such procedures altogether. This is a serious problem that affects many thousands of lives in an extremely negative manner.

The public should keep in mind the serious distinction between the two scenarios. This realization would do a serious service, not only to legitimate practitioners of plastic surgery, but to the public as a whole. Think of many thousands of lives may have been lost, or permanently damage, because someone may have refused to undergo plastic surgery.

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What Types Of Situations Render Plastic Surgery A Necessity?

It is vitally important to know when plastic surgery is absolutely required to either save a life, or to repair a serious injury or defect that is currently limiting the quality of your life. There are certain situations in the aftermath of which plastic surgery is the preferred method of effecting a recovery from an accident or life threatening physical deformity.

For example, in the case of physical damage received during a fire, there are several plastic surgery techniques that may be employed in order to reconstruct parts of the body that are particularly susceptible to such injuries. These include the nose, eyes, lips, and ears. In this case, plastic surgery is certainly not employed in order to satisfy the recipient’s vanity. It is performed in order to allow them to recover their previous appearance and to get on with their lives in a manner that minimizes the scrutiny and discrimination they may be receiving from others as a result of their injuries.

Plastic Surgery Is Needed To Correct Serious Birth Defects

Other cases that will require plastic surgery to fix include serious birth defects and deformities due to disease. For example, persons who are born with cleft palates, ugly and disfiguring growths or birthmarks, or deformities such as absent or tiny noses or ears will need plastic surgery in order to give them the appearance of a normal, healthy human being. These are only a few of the many birth defects that plastic surgery can fix, or at least greatly alleviate.

Plastic Surgery Can Correct Chronic Conditions 

Plastic surgery can also be used to correct many chronic conditions that may develop as you age. For example, conditions such as necrosis of the flesh due to diabetes or some types of viruses can require plastic surgery to minimize the damage that is caused, even after the condition itself is dealt with. Plastic surgery can also be employed in order to lessen the damage caused by such conditions as trauma caused by broken bones or animal bites, or by the effects of chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Plastic Surgery Is No Mere Issue Of Vanity

As has been shown above, plastic surgery is no mere issue of vanity. Organizations, such as The Hospital Group, that specialize in providing plastic surgery for legitimate medical purposes, should not be stigmatized by being lumped in with practitioners who provide such surgeries for purely frivolous reasons. The sooner that the public realizes that plastic surgery is a valid and always evolving technique that has saved thousands of lives, the sooner the unnecessary stigma that surrounds this valuable human medical science will disappear.