The ‘What Not To Do’ Email Marketing Guide For Medical Practices

If your medical practice has been looking for a new tool to connect with patients, look no further than email marketing. With a smartphone in just about everybody’s pocket, email can allow you to reach more people than ever before. Your clinic can develop its business through promotion, blogs, newsletters, and other interesting content, all delivered through the fastest mode of communication we know today.

But before you jump right into your email marketing campaign, there are a few major mistakes you should avoid. Take a look at the following “Don’ts” for every medical practice’s email marketing venture as sometimes it’s easier to identify issues in your marketing plan be hearing what doesn’t work, instead of the thousands of articles that state best practices. Through Email Marketing, patients will able to Find the best doctors in Thailand.

Don’t Sell Too Much

Email marketing often gets misconstrued or performed incorrectly because of that tricky little word, “marketing.” Yes, marketing is about selling something, but it doesn’t mean selling your services 24/7 and at every chance you get. So don’t make the mistake of thinking your emails are sales pitches; nobody wants to receive sales pitch after sales pitch in their inbox. That’s a surefire way to get you sent to the spam folder or unsubscribed from.

Think of email marketing as your opportunity to reach out to your patients and interact with them, include them in your clinic’s happenings, and keep them interested in your services. By all means, include promotions and contact information so they can schedule an appointment, but don’t make that the entire context of the email. Find a balance between telling the news, offering helpful information, and promoting your clinic. These kinds of emails will be much better received and effective.

Don’t Skip The Content

Beautiful pictures look great in emails; they can convey information while still being attractive. For a clinic that deals with cosmetic surgery, LASIK, or even weight loss, a big picture can really capture the attention of your audience. So you might start wondering why you need to write that pesky newsletter if a picture is worth a thousand words. You might start photoshopping words on to the image and leaving it at that. But what you don’t realize is that most email clients will spam messages that are entirely composed of images and even if they don’t, most email clients are configured not to show pictures unless the user says it’s okay. All those fancy images suddenly mean nothing.

Just like with blogging, social media, and websites, content is incredibly important. The very words are what reel your readers in, convince them to schedule their next appointment, and forward your email to a friend. Skimping on the content or leaving it out altogether would be a major mistake. However, leaving images out can be a bad decision, too. Instead, include pictures that support your content.

Don’t Be Pointless

Through Email Marketing, you will give chance to patients to Search more specialists in Thailand. Earlier I told you not to focus too much on the “marketing” of email marketing, but don’t forget about it entirely. Your emails should still have a point, a strategy, if you will. Whether you’re looking to get a few new Facebook Likes, gauge some comments on offering a new service, or promoting a free event, your emails should direct your readers to the end game. Marketers like to call this the “call to action,” and excluding it from your emails might mean they fall flat on the floor.

To craft a call to action that drives your email home, think about including links to the websites you want your readers to go to. If promoting your new Facebook page is your goal, have a big “Like Us” button in the email. If you want patients to schedule another appointment, have your clinic’s phone number displayed prominently. Structure your emails so they accomplish your mission without confusing or losing the interest of your readers.

Don’t Ignore The Statistics

Most email marketing software comes with analysis tools that let you know how your emails are progressing. They can answer questions about how many times you’ve been spammed, how many people open your emails, how many people click through to your website, etc. These statistics aren’t there just for fun; they’re there so you can experiment with your marketing strategy and tweak it for optimal effectiveness.

Furthermore, you should be experimenting with the design and content of your emails. Ask your readers how the design affects them, how can you make it more organized, and what kind of information would they like to see. Catering your email campaign to people you’re trying to reel in could be the best decision you make during your marketing efforts.

Through email marketing, your medical practice can begin communicating with patients and prospects like never before. In essence, email marketing is a direct communication since just about everybody has a smartphone to their name. But there are several mistakes that should be avoided to ensure your emails aren’t spammed, unsubscribed from, or ineffective. Moving forward, you can create emails that reach right out to your patients and turn them into loyal customers.