Ramp Up Your Fitness Routine


Have you gotten into a rut with your fitness routine or have maybe even returned to the couch? We’re inundated every day with messages about health, diet and exercise.  Sometimes, it’s so overwhelming, we’re more inclined to ignore than pull information that applicable to our lives and life styles.  Take some of these suggestions from the professionals for ramping up your fitness routine.

Ramp Up Your Fitness Routine

If you concentrate on reaching sort term health goals instead of long term weight goals, you’re more likely to achieve success. When large goals are broken down into smaller milestones, we see progress faster which serves as continued validation and motivation.  Eighty percent of efforts towards maintaining a healthy body should start in the kitchen. Commit to eliminating sugary sodas and fast foods from your diet. Those two steps can have a huge impact. Excess sugar as well as the lethal amounts of sodium and fats in fast foods can wreak havoc on your body in many ways. Sugar and sodium contribute to inflammation as well highs and lows in energy levels. Shop in advance for lunches and dinners, and you’ll be less likely to make unhealthy choices.

Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and head to Macy’s for a great selection of active wear and sports shoes. If you’re not comfortable in the gym, there are many, many more options available for exercising. Select an activity you enjoy. Gardening, walking, kayaking and house cleaning are all physical activities that increase your heart rate, build stamina and strengthen muscles. Commit to enjoying an activity for at least thirty minutes every day. If the weather isn’t cooperating, head to a big box store and walk the perimeter swiftly for several laps.  Exercising actually increases your energy level!

Set goals. Your goals are very personal. They can range from a weight loss goal, to a week of healthy eating to daily exercise or rigorous activity. Enlist a friend or family member for increased motivation. Good luck on your journey to a new and healthy lifestyle!