Necessity of Name Badges for Nursing Staff


There are different materials, by which a name badge is made. A name badge could either be made out of paper, plastic or metal. Which type of name badge will suit your need, depends upon the use and purpose of the badge. Currently people are showing their interest more on making a name badge, made out of plastic.

The secret behind the growing popularity of plastic name badge is, it has a very lightweight but at the same time it is also durable. One could carry this badge very easily, where ever they want to, and plastic is also cheaper than metal, but it comes with the guarantee of a durability for longer period. Another most important feature of the name badges, made out of plastic is that, it is quite safer than the badges made out of metal, as it can’t cause any major harm, in case it gets broken.

Nursing Staff

In order to avoid the boring and dull features of the plastic name badges, there are several designs available nowadays, in the market. One can easily prefer to have a screen printing, hot stamping, thermal printing or engraving badge, made out of plastic.

Along with all its benefits and various options to choose from, plastic name badges, has now become a popular choice for most people or the companies as it is considered to be the most cost effective badge, which a person or a company can afford easily.

In the medical profession, the position of name badges is very important. In many hospitals, the management is also showing their interests in choosing the plastic material for Nurses Name Badges, or the other name badges for every single staff of the hospital. Generally, the nurses carry several name badges, at the time of going to the work.

  • A nurse will carry a custom identification name badge, which would be there to indicate her name, and also the hospital or the other medical institution, for whom she is working.
  • The other name badge, which a nurse may carry with her, is there for indicating any special training, which she has undergone.
  • However, the name badge pin, which is there, attached to her uniform is the name badge, most of the patients can see easily. It would contain just basic information like her name, her job title and the department that she works for. But this type of badge will not contain any photo.

There are a few things which needs to be considered at the time of making a badge, for the medical staff of a hospital.


Even if the name is visible in the middle of the badge, it is also very important to declare the professional affiliation clearly. This needs to be done, in order to assure the patients, that, the person who is giving them information according to their quarries is trustworthy or not.


A small addition of a symbol can change the total value of a Nurses Name Badges. An impersonal or casual name badge can actually be transformed into an official and valuable equipment, only by inserting a symbol into it. This is quite common among the assistant nurses or the nurses, who are working with babies.


In order to help the patients for better understanding about the identity of the medical staff in a hospital, the management has introduced a new way of distinguishing all their staff by availing name badges of different colors. For example- the nurses can wear a blue badge in order to separate themselves from the red badges of the doctors.

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