How To Become A Part Of The Egg Donor Program?


Even though there are advertisements everywhere looking for egg donors, not many people are aware of the process. In fact, not many people know that becoming an egg donor has both philanthropic and financial benefits.

The process of becoming a donor typically involves an application to be put up by a potential donor requesting permission to be a part of the egg donation program. Then she will have to undergo several processes of screening. This will include screening techniques like interviews, medical tests etc. For a healthy woman in her 20s, to become a donor the whole process would take around 2 to 3 months.

On getting inducted into the program, the donor details are put up on a confidential website from where the donor will subsequently be selected by a receiver. The next step involves undergoing a full medical examination. This medical examination is very important in providing a genetic and psychological evaluation of the donor and is generally done over a telephonic conversation. It also includes a full physical examination by the doctor of the recipient. To get this done, the donor will have to go to and meet the recipient’s doctor in an all expense paid trip.

Only after these have been done, can the legal processes be started. The donor gets an attorney assigned to her, who will not only guide and help her. He will also keep the donor’s best interests in the mind while reviewing and signing of certain mandatory legal documents between the donor and the recipient parents. This signing of the legal documents is given so much attention and importance to protect the interest of both the donor and the recipient.

 Then certain medications are given to prepare them for the process. These medications generally involve taking certain injections over a period of 2 to 4 weeks. Taking these medications also warrants visits to the local doctor.

On a prescribed day, the donor is given a light sedative and the partially developed eggs are retrieved from the donor by a non-invasive procedure. This whole procedure enables the donor to earn anything between $7000 and $10000 thus creating a part-time job opportunity for earning money for the donor.

Yet it is not the money only that makes this program seem lucrative but rather the thought of being able to bring a genuinely happy smile on the face of deserving people that increases its attraction.