Clenbuterol tablets for body builders in Australia


In Australia, clenbuterol supplements are prescribed to horses to treat airway dilatory problems. And in Australia, clenbuterol supplements are considered illegal to use by humans and is used to treat only animals by veterinary doctors. But many body builders and individuals are working hard to lose fat use these clen products to burn more calories as it provides thermogenic effects.

Even though clen products are banned in Australia, they can be purchased online without any prescription. These online portals work from adjacent countries and ship the products that are ordered. Current Australians are behind these clen supplements to reduce fat and avail its anabolic effects. Clen supplements impacts the sympathetic nervous system by improving blood pumping levels per heart beat. They also smooth muscles of lungs to relax with more oxygen supply.

Clen may be too strong for some women

Here are few reviews on Clenbuterol supplements-

  • In Australia, clenbuterol is available in 10mcg and 20 mcg pills.
  • The effects of clenbuterol are like drugs and act as a thermogenic stimulant and lose its efficacy in the long run.
  • Clen supplements are more potent when taken in moderate dosages. Clen may be too strong for some women.
  • Increases body temperature by burning fat cells and unwanted calories.
  • An increased metabolism causes fat cells to break down easier and results in body lean and toned with targeted weight loss.
  • The clen when consumed in certain dosages provide metabolic gain which is said to be three times higher than alternative drugs like Ephedrine and Ephedrine.
  • Because of this, Australian government banned the clen pills regarding safety issues.
  • And also, when clen is not used under moderation causes serious side effects.
  • Sometimes body builders want to reduce their weight faster and misuse the product by consuming in higher dosages.
  • In Australia the clen supplements are totally banned to the people who are pregnant or weak by heart, and individuals who use insulin to treat diabetes.

Here are few side effects of clen supplements as reported by users in Australia-

  • Few individuals experience jitters, tremors and shivering during beginning.
  • Other side effects like drowsiness, hot flushes, nausea, vomiting and dizziness.
  • Muscle cramps, increased sweating, heart- burn, nervousness is also experienced by high dosages of clen.
  • Individuals even face increased blood pressure, chest pains, dry mouth, and head- ache.
  • Few may even face sleepless nights.
  • These above effects are considerably mild and can be controlled.
  • When facing severe muscular cramps, users need to hydrate themselves very well by in taking fruit juices.
  • But long term side effects of clenbuterol are not noted so far.
  • But very long use of Clenbuterol supplements can cause hardening of the heart walls that leads to heart attack.
  • As clenbuterol supplements increases the fat and protein burning mechanisms in the body and sometimes depletes muscle.
  • Muscles will decrease in size but look toned and fit when used in certain dosages.
  • Since body builders prefer toned and bulky muscles, they even prefer steroids to prevent depletion of muscles.