Children Can Also Suffer From Gum Recession


Did you know that children also have the risk of gum recession? Bleeding gums in children and adults is a sign jumping to announce that something is happening in the tissue supporting the teeth.

The primary reason of gum recession occurrence at an early age, is the plaque build up the teeth and gum lines, especially when you do not follow proper dental hygiene routine. If plaque is not removed, the gum inflammation and recession as a result of it occurs. It is therefore essential that children have good and proper dental hygiene habits.

Children Can Also Suffer From Gum Recession

Symptoms of childhood gum recession

You can find symptoms that leave no doubt about gum recession in children. A child may have gum recession when he has:
• Inflammation and redness of the gums
• Pain in the teeth
• Bleeding while eating and brushing teeth
• Feeling a change in gums and teeth tend to be separated
• Bad breath
• Abscesses in the gums, in some cases

How to prevent gum recession in children?

Visit Dentist

To reverse receding gums in children, in addition to monitoring and teach children to have good oral hygiene, it is essential that parents take their children to regular dental check from birth. Your child first visit to the dental office must be between the time the first tooth – 5 to 8 months, and when all primary teeth are visible appears – before 2 ½ years. Children, who have been accustomed to cleaning their gums and brushing the teeth on a daily basis, will be more comfortable going to the dentist.

Oral hygiene

Other basic preventive measures to help the child to have good oral health is:
• Teach the child to follow a routine of brushing teeth. From the year of birth, the child can use a small amount of toothpaste to clean teeth.
• Review and monitor the child’s mouth to see if there is any sign of any gum recession disease such as swelling, abscesses, bad breath or bleeding.
• If parents practice good oral health habits, children will too.

What can parents do to reduce risk?

Avoid sugary drinks and snacks – Receding gums tooth decay is caused by frequent consumption of sugary foods and drinks too. If this issue is left unattended, there is a high risk of further decay in permanent teeth throughout adult life. So it is advisable to try to limit foods and beverages containing sugar to mealtimes.
Less sweets, jams, cakes, cookies, desserts and ice cream and processed sugary juice, and do not forget that nuts can also be harmful to teeth.
Brush teeth twice a day: A thorough brushing for two minutes, twice a day, one before bedtime, helps prevent gum recession tooth decay. It is recommended to start brushing children’s teeth as soon as the first tooth appears a paste without fluoride and monitor their brushing until the child is seven or eight years old.
Experts point out that receding gums dental cavities can be prevented. Breastfeeding provides the best nutrition for babies, and the best drinks for young children one to two years are whole milk and water, for two years old and above semi-skimmed milk and water, as long as the child is a healthy eater.