Are Multivitamins Good For Your Healthy Lifestyle?


We don’t judge you for questioning the things that you buy; not only because we understand the value of money, but also because people surely do get tricked into unhealthy habits that were, at first, disguised as something made for your benefit. That’s why it’s okay to wonder if multivitamins really are good, since questions about its true qualities have raised concerns among a few people.

Well, firstly, of course vitamins aren’t bad for you. However, like having a healthy lifestyle means having a good balance, you need to balance your vitamins too. Multivitamin supplements can be bad for you, but really only if you use it wrong. Too much of anything is bad for you, so if you already eat an orange or two a day, why would you need to take Vitamin C in a capsule?

Multi-colored mineral pills on gray surface

The problem is that many people aren’t informed enough as to the different nutrients that they are consuming, so deciding on a multivitamin type is difficult because no one is ever sure what they are lacking.

Before deciding on a multivitamin, think of your diet, is there anything that you immediately realise is missing from your diet? Or even, is there a nutrient that you are getting too much of? Too little vitamin B12 will make you feel fatigued, while an overdose of Vitamin E and K can cause toxicity that harms organs. Ask yourself what exactly makes you feel under the weather and then you will easily be able to navigate through the different multivitamin options and which one you think you need.

For the mom-2-be or the MomMe, remember not to fall for the multivitamins for kids that are practically just funny smelling sweets. There are many multivitamin supplements that are good for kids, but consult a doctor or pharmacist before buying into colourful tables that are packed with artificial ingredients and preservatives.