5 Useful Tips on How to Try on Workout Clothes


I know, you have tried many workout clothes that are not your favorite and you repeat this task every time you go for shopping. But when you buy workout clothes, there are some unique things you have to remember. You should not test them like normal clothes because you need them for workout. If your workout clothes do not function well then they are waste for you. Imagine a top that look good in dressing room, but it start irritating you when you began your marathon. A bra seems supportive when you are just standing but it proves something else when you attend your jogging class. Pants that are opaque in the dressing room could turn totally different when you workout in gym.

Most women become sick and tired when they hear that they have spend money on workout clothes that quickly prove un-wearable in exercise room. But here at Fabletics, we have different options in Fashion and Fitness outfits and you will easily know why our workout clothes prove fruitful in serious sweat sessions. You can choose women workout clothes by visiting the Fabletics Facebook page.

Workout Clothes

Experts said that most important part is reading the label. As we all know, cotton is rotten when it comes to fitness. Many pros said you should avoid them. Cotton has chafing issues. Some best options include Merino wool or synthetic fibers such as Spandex and Lycra. After selecting few cotton free clothes, move to dressing room and try these 5 approved moves.

  1. The toe touch move

The first move is bending in front of a full-length mirror, and then look your legs. Here you are checking to see if the fabric that is covering your behind is a see-through or not. Moreover, is it exposing too much of your bums.

  1. The twist move

After toe touch move, try the twist move. Both toe touch move and twist move require movements in pants. This move is to test fabric, seams and waistband your pants have. If something is irritating, it will become worse when you sweat. Also note how you feel around your joints including your elbows, hips, knees, shoulders, armpits, ankles and wrists. If a garment is too tight or irritating, look for different design or something larger.

  1. The Jump start move

Jumping jack is an another way which can tell if the fabric is stretching well or not and keeping you locked down whenever you need extra security. Raising your arms is another way to check chafing. Run for fifteen seconds swinging your arms and pulling your knees up. This will give you an idea that what will happen when you are in your gym session.

Then try to rub your thighs against each other and elbows against your waist. These two are top chafing spots. Confirm that the material bother your skin very easily or not.

  1. The breathe move

After all these relaxing moves, your body temp will get elevated, but you are not sweating. If you feel overheated, you should look for something thinner or more breathable.

  1. The finishing move

Do you remember how you feel after your workout? Your muscles always get tired and exhausted. Therefore, do not purchase garments that are too difficult to put on or off. If you are struggling to pull racerback bra in dressing room, imagine how you will try to get it off after your workout session.

These great moves give you good idea why you should try workout clothes before purchasing. However, if something happens when you are working out, than most brands stand behind their products. This means if you run for few minutes in new clothes and you feel that you are not happy with them then you can always ask for a return.