5 Major Benefits of Stretching After You Exercise


More and more research is being released that shows the benefits of stretching. Regardless of that fact that you are trying to slim down or lose weight in days, you want to focus on stretching, because it could actually improve your workout. When it comes to losing weight, stretching will help you avoid the pain and cramping that can come along with working out. This pain and cramping is actually what often causes you to stop working out. If you just learn how to stretch properly after your workout, you will realize all of the amazing advantages of a successful exercise routine. There are actually more than a few advantages to stretching. Here are five major benefits of stretching after you exercise.

Benefits of Stretching After You Exercise

  1. Reduce cramping immediate after your workout – this cramping can be quite unbearable depending on how hard you exercised. Typically, exertion is what causes the pain to occur. However, if you just do a few leg stretches and arm stretches, you will realize that your muscles are a lot more relaxed and the blood will flow much more efficiently, which is critical when it comes to the body’s recovery processes.
  1. Limit pain the next day – when it comes down to it, one of the reasons why people stop working out is because the next day cramps are too hard to bear. When those sore muscles start to act up, you can’t really imagine working out ever again. After your workout, you want to drink plenty of water and then you want to slowly get into stretching mode. If you have never had a successful workout routine before know that it is especially important to stay hydrated before, during and after exercising.
  2. Help your body stay healthy – when you have cramps and your body is in pain, your anaerobic and aerobic processes are off. This can cause unnecessary metabolic actions to occur, which could be unhealthy. When you work out, you want to add as many positive elements to your lifestyle while eliminating unnecessary negative ones. If you work out at home, you want to have a bar where you can kick your leg up and get some stretching done.
  1. Improve limber and flexible – when you work out, it can be easy to get stiff. However, one of the major results of working out is to increasing flexibility. Ideally, you want to stretch your legs so that your muscles and tendons stay flexible and mobile. If you don’t stretch, you could cause stiffness that can be hard to reverse. This is especially the case if you are older and working out – stretching is critical.
  1. Diminish stress – indeed, when you work out, your body can take on a lot of stress. This is why you want to stretch – to increase those dopamine and serotonin levels. In the end, releasing these chemicals by stretching will also make your workout a lot more enjoyable.